Watercolor and Ink: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

So a few days ago I added a watercolor that I had quickly done on a whim. The original photo is still available for viewing on my Instagram account. Just search for “Papergeometryco” on there and you will find it. I felt like although far from perfect, it had some great potential for some type of doodling or ink overlay design. I was already waiting for my new Pentel Brush Pen to arrive so I decided to set the piece aside as it would be perfect for that. I have never used a Pentel Brush Pen before but after watching a youtube video I thought it looked like a fun idea. So, when it finally got here I set down very quickly to get started. Far too quickly. I really should have played around with a test piece of paper first once I got the ink in the well. The following pictures will show why. I really was disappointed at first because I loved the colors of the painting and felt like I screwed it up. And although I did screw it up, it was a good lesson. Also, I promised myself I would share the good and the bad with you, so here it is.

Overall view

This next photo shows a better view of why rushing into this was a bad idea. I had far too much ink in the well which was then running out onto the brush much quicker than I wanted. This caused the ink to spread far too fast and it caused blurriness. I was not able to get any thin lines. I just hate it.




It’s an understatement to say I was discouraged. I am not the most patient person. However, I decided to try again. I had another quick watercolor that I had made just for the sake of practice and repeated the process. The original, uninked version of that can also be found on my instagram.


This still isn’t great, but there is progress. Right? I think so. This technique, and pen, require a light hand that knows how to keep just the right amount of ink in the well without letting the pen get too dry.



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