Get the look!

I am still pretty new to this blogging thing. It has occured to me though that it might be helpful to share with you some of the supplies I have used to make some of my more popular designs.

This first card style is created with the use of a large 12×12 inch stencil produced by The Crafters Workshop. It is the Rosetta stencil designed by Rebekah Meier for T.C.W. and if you don’t know who Rebecca Meier is you should definitely look her up. She is an amazing mixed-media artist. Here are a few examples of some work using Rosetta and an ink-blending technique. The inks are available through Ranger Ink products.

DSC_0199Mandala 2Mandala

Another favorite stencil of mine is the Mini Climbing Vine stencil also produced by The Crafters Workshop. This stencil is especially great for gelli-plate printing enthusiasts because the first pull and the ghost pull are equally beautiful. Here are a few beautiful cards and bookmarks made with this 6×6 inch stencil designed by Ronda Palazzari. The bookmarks and the bottom two cards are made on the gelli arts gelli plate using this stencil. The friendship card is an ink-blended card just like the mandala cards above.


The last one I wanted to share with you is a stencil designed by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for The Crafters Workshop. Julie’s work is such an inspiration to me and I love incorporating her stencils into my work. This stencil is called Swirly Garden and measures 6×6 inches. It’s a lively stencil that also works great on the gelli plate or with my ink-blending technique.

The first card is a layered gelli print. I have combined Julie’s stencil in a lime green with a fun geometric pattern teal. Layering stencils is a great way to add interest. Think outside of the box and really experiment with your patterns and colors.


Well, that is all I have to share with you right now. I hope you enjoyed this post. In my next post I will share with you a really fun stencil from T.C.W. called Mini Letters Collage. It’s a good one!


3 thoughts on “Get the look!

  1. Hiya!
    I like your cards and tags. I have a couple of questions for you. You mentioned requests in one of your blog posts, are they paid for cards or more like gifts? I wondered if you only use products with specific angel policies if you sell your stuff? Do you label the items with the products you have used?

    I like Julie’s work a lot too and use my gelli plate often. I find my paint seems to often dry before I can pull the ghost print. What paints do you use?


    1. My reference to requests means custom orders. I sell on Etsy and always accept custom requests. I only use products that do not require anything special to be done to sell my goods. I have over two hundred cards in inventory at any one time so I do not have time to list the products used on each item. It just isn’t feasible. Acrylic paint does dry quickly. That is pretty common. You can buy additives to make your paint stay wet longer but I do not have trouble with pulling prints so I don’t waste the money. I use such a variety of paint I couldn’t list them all to you. From super cheap acrylics you can find at walmart to heavy body paints like DWM, I use a little of everything.


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