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Today I spent a while in my newest art journal. I held off buying a new one for a while because I really wanted to complete the ones I had first. But I just couldn’t pass up the great deal I got on a Dina Wakley Media Journal by Ranger. If you haven’t heard of this journal, you should check it out. It has four different substrates in it. The page I am sharing with you today is on the cotton watercolor paper.


I am really happy with how this page turned out. So here are some of the particulars for those of you that may be interested. (Many of the supplies could be substituted for what you have on hand. A lot of this could be done with watercolors. I didn’t list all of the colors I used for the products below. If you are interested – leave a comment and I’ll answer it.)


Dina Wakley Media – scribble sticks, bird masks, text and scribbles stamp set, washi tape

Dylusions – Ink sprays in four colors

Sandra Everston new stamp set “Portals” and “Alma” from Rubbermoon Stamps

Dictionary paper

Tim Holtz Distress markers

Tim Holtz Detail water brush

I started by spritzing a little water onto the paper and then spraying a few colors of Dylusions Ink spray, allowing the colors to intertwine. I allowed it to dry. (If you aren’t familiar with the ink sprays, they are water-reactive.) I used my bird masks and matching stencil and ink sprays in darker colors to place bird images throughout the piece.


Once dry, I chose the stamp titled “creation” from the portals collection and wet the stamp with clean water. I pressed the stamp onto the paper in the center of the page, allowing it time to thoroughly wet the paper. I then took a paper towel and dabbed the moisture up – DO NOT RUB! Once dry, in the absence of color it now leaves a ghost like image of the stamp behind. I did the same thing with the “Alma” stamp. Next I used the brush tip of my distress markers to lay color on the creation stamp in a few small areas and pressed it on the ghosted area. I used black archival ink and inked up the Alma stamp and applied it too. I then filled in Frida’s flowers, face, and clothing with distress markers and the detail water brush.



Using the text and scribble stamps from DMW, I inked up black archival ink and pressed it onto dictionary pages. I did the same with my bird stencils and ink sprays. I also stamped the ethereal stamp from the portals collection multiple times, cut out the crowns and flowers, and colored them in with distress markers. I applied them with some inexpensive school glue. Using the night scribble stick I outlined Frida’s frame and some of the birds and circles. Taking my detail water brush, I spread the color out and into the background. Once everything was dry, I glued down the crowns and flowers. And what page of mine would be complete without a little doodling with a black pen?


I hope you enjoyed this page and that it brings you inspiration. Thanks for visiting my blog. If you liked it, please leave me a comment.


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