ATC Bookmarks with your gelli plate

I am often asked what I do with all of the beautiful gelli printed papers I create on my gelli arts plates. So, I thought I would share with you a fun and easy project to help bust that paper stash.

As many crafters and artists, I am a collector of items that may come in useful one day. I had a large stack of mismatched playing cards and found they were the perfect foundation for an a.t.c. inspired bookmark.

Start with any playing card. Take a piece of sandpaper and rough up the card so that it will take to glue and paint better. Choose some of your gelli printed papers and find the perfect background. Using matte medium, glue down the background to your card. I like to use several pieces of varing tones and colors for my background.



Continue to layer pieces of gelli prints. I think it’s very striking visually to mix up your colors and patterns. I also added gelli-printed trees and sun shapes. You are really only limited by your own imagination. Use your stencils and masks to create fun additions to your bookmarks.



Now you can add washi tape, stickers, stamping, etc. I added some Dina Wakley Media Washi tape and tissue paper cut out sentiments.


Now all that’s left is to punch a small hole at the top center and use some string to the top. Enjoy!



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