Turn so-so gelli prints into works of art

I enjoy gelli-plate printing with my gelli arts plates. I often times find myself printing papers just for the fun of it. With so much time spent gelli printing, I often find that some of my pulls are just so-so. Don’t throw away those wall-flower prints, just jazz them up a little. Today I am sharing with you how I go about turning a ho-hum print into a piece of paper that gets moved to the top of the stack.

I pulled out my stencil collection, pentel brush pen, oil pastels, and distress inks with mini-blending tool. If you will be using your papers in a manner that would reactivate your distress inks (remember, they will stay reactive!) then you could substitute them for acrylic paints instead.

First, I started with a pretty drab olive colored pull. It has a few navy watercolor looking circles and some orange paint comb marks. The texture I tried to get with the olive fell flat. So I started with a large triangle stencil and my distress ink in peeled paint.


Next, I added a smaller triangle design in black soot and a chevron style line in blueprint sketch. Finally, using my pentel brush pen I added some broken lines throughout.



Now, this piece feels much more like a complete print. Here are a few more examples of prints that went from drab to fab.






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