Through Her Eyes

I’m participating in an artist collaboration where we made something inspired by a diary one of the artists found in an antique shop. Inside this gorgeous journal are pages and pages of hand-written memories of a woman, almost 100 years ago.  As I read through it I began to wonder about her life. Who was she? What was her life really like?  She seemed to be a very happy person with a very active social life. It appeared she was a college student and had many friends and interested suitors. And so we created pieces in her memory, using her experiences and words as inspiration.




I printed off some of the pages and aged them a little. I wanted to use her actual handwriting in the piece. I added a lot of epherma that I felt would really reflect that time period. I also added lots of lace, pearls, and photos.





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4 thoughts on “Through Her Eyes

  1. Mitra Pratt

    I’m still feeling bad for poor Paul since she is planning on getting rid of him!!! LOVE your piece and the roses!!! Super cool!!!


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