Quick & Easy Inchies

I just adore inchies, twinchies and artist trading cards. There is something very satisfying for me about these miniature pieces of artwork. I thought it would be fun to share with my readers a quick and easy method to getting bold, graphic inchies.

I am focusing on using distress inks for this tutorial.

I like to start with a large sheet of watercolor paper. I like the thickness and stability of this paper for layering. I chose a color of distress ink and a stencil and laid color sporadically, leaving white space.


Change up the color of your distress ink and stencil and repeat.  Do this multiple times until you have multiple colors and patterns layering over top of each other.


I like to add black to all of my inchies. I chose a bold, graphic stencil and applied it sparingly throughout.


Using my black fude ball pen, I did some doodling around some of the designs.


At this point it still didn’t feel complete. I added large areas of color using my distress stains.


Using a paper punch, I punched out my inchies.


Glancing through them I felt some were less than appealing. So, one by one I added more distress stain, doodling, etc.


Let me know if you try this at home!



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