Fun canvas work

I have had a real blast lately creating some original acrylic pieces using stencils.

This first piece is a canvas pad I framed in a simple black frame. This particular acrylic piece features a bunch of stencils from The Crafter’s Workshop. TCW stencils include TCW440 Mechanogrid, TCW399 Switchback, TCW729 City Buildings, and TCW398 Squiggles.

I’ve laid layer over layer of paint through the stencil. In some spots I painted a large rectangle of color on the canvas, laid the stencil down, and removed paint in the openings with a baby wipe. I have also used a posca paint pen to fill in some spots for more interest. Additional design details are added with artfoamies by Nathalie Kalbach.

Painting One

This second piece features stencils by Stencil Girl Products. The background was created by layering acrylic paint with exclusive stencil club stencils, Post Memphis, from Andrew Borloz. Again, additional design details using Nathalie’s N*studio products. A bright red mat and oak frame really set it off perfectly.

painting six

Thanks for stopping by. Questions about the techniques used here? Just leave me a comment.


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