Upcycling Fun


The theme for the Mixed Up blog challenge team for July is upcycling. What is upcycling? Basically, it’s reusing something in such a way as to create something else, hopefully better than the original.

I started with a plain kraft gift box and decided to jazz it up with stencils and inks.

This is a very easy and quick way to turn basic gift packaging into something special. All you need is some stencils, distress inks, and a mini blending tool! You just place the stencil, blend the ink and voila! I added some black soot distress ink on the corners and edges just to add a little bit of interest. Photos below.

Join us each month for a new challenge over on the Mixed Up Mixer blog. Your entry could win a prize! Check out the blog post here: https://mixedupmag.com/july-challenge-recycle/


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