Foam Stamplifier – Day 3

I am still playing catch-up on the foam stamplifier Instagram challenge. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go back to my post for Days 1 & 2 and read up.

The day three prompt was gradient. I enjoyed the back and forth technique so much that I used it again on this post and really love how it turned out.

I started with DecoArt Media Americana Premium acrylic paint in primary yellow. I brushed on the yellow paint to the back/wrong side of the foam stamp. Here I am using Nat’s clam hex artfoamie. I pressed the stamp down repeatedly creating a pattern.


Using my six by six inch gel plate, I brayered out cadmium orange hue and pyrrole red creating a gradient. (This step isn’t pictured as there are SO many gel plate tutorials online I felt you didn’t need me to recreate the wheel. Want to see some examples? Visit @taniaahmed on Instagram)

I pressed the right side of my foam stamp into the paint being sure to follow the same pattern as before.


Gratuitous close up:



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