Foam Stamplifier – Days 1 & 2!

Nat Kalbach, the owner and artist behind n*Studio, is running a fun play-along challenge over on Instagram for the month of March called Foam Stamplifier. The idea is to amplify your foam stamps and make the most of them. To check it out visit Nat’s profile @natkalbach.  There is a list of prompts, one for each day.

I was late to the party so I decided to combine the prompts for days one and two – Acrylic and Back and Forth.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS gently wash your foam stamps with a little soap and water BEFORE the acrylic paint dries. I’ve read some artists believe it’s okay to let this dry on your foam stamps, but I completely disagree. Overtime the acrylic paint builds up on the stamp ruining it.

I began with a sheet of heavy watercolor paper. Using DecoArt Premium Americana Acrylic paint in yellow green light, I painted the back side of my n*studio artfoamie “Space Oddity”. I then pressed the foam stamp onto my paper in a design of my choosing.


Next, I stenciled some designs across the paper to add interest in between my foam stamped layers. I used Stencilgirl Club exclusive stencils from January and February 2019. The paints used were Daler Rowney phthalo turquoise and pistachio.


Finally, I applied Daler Rowney acrylic in Phthalo blue on the right side of my foam stamp and stamped out the design, placing the foam stamp in the same orientation as before.


This fun background could be used for cardmaking, art journalling, or you could cut each hexagon and use for collage.

Be sure to follow along all month with my foam stamplifier blog posts. Join us over on instagram and share your posts using #nstudioartfoamies and #natkalbachfoamstamplifier.



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