Recycled Decor

Photo One
Supply List:
Cereal Box Packaging or similar thin cardboard
Nat’s Stencils: Flower Maze, Toledo, Batik
Floral Wire – black
Apple Barrel Acrylics: Honeysuckle Pink, Light Blue, Turquoise, Tropic Orange, Dandelion Yellow, Island Green, Black
Mini blending tool
3M mounting tape
This project was created for the kick off of Creative Jumpstart 2019. The theme this year is all about home. We were challenged to create a home decor piece and that got me thinking that you don’t need a lot of money to decorate your home. All you need for unique decor is imagination and a little inspiration.
I began by cutting circles out of the cardboard: one large, one medium, two small, and one extra-small. I then applied a thin coat of acrylic paint onto each circle.
Photo Two
Next, I applied layers of stenciled designs in contrasting colors using Nat’s Flower Maze, Toledo, and Batik stencils. The final layer was painted in black for heavy contrast. I edged around each circle in black as well.
Photo Three
Photo Four
I placed a piece of mounting tape in the center of one of the small circles and attached it to the center of the medium circle. Then I attached the medium circle to the large circle with mounting tape as well.
Photo Five
Photo Six
Next, I punched a hole in the top and bottom of the large circle (this is to attach a hook to the top and hang the small pieces from the bottom). You can use a hole punch or a safety pin for this step. Using wire snips, I cut small pieces of wire, about two inches long each. Using a safety pin I made several small holes around the edges of the large circle to attach my wire.
Photo Seven
Finally, I attached a piece of wire for a hook and to hang the final small circle and extra small circle from the bottom. You could use string if you prefer.

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