On a roll

I am really on a roll lately, creating lots of lovely paintings that I just adore. My latest stencil additions are some of my favorites yet.


This 16×20 canvas pad is layer upon layer of acrylic paint in a mix of complementary colors. Orange and blue is one of my favorite combinations. I have also used a large mix of stencils, masks, and artfoamies on this piece. The key to creating a painting like this is lots of layers.

I started with a base of shades of yellows and oranges. I left some white space throughout. I then added darker orange paint through the mechanogrid stencil, tcw #440. I used some n*studio leaf masks at the bottom along with an n*studio stencil by Stencilgirl. Then I painted large areas of the canvas with a bright turquoise color. While the paint was still wet I laid the switchback stencil down (tcw #399) and wiped through the openings with a baby wipe.


Another fun way to add interest is to take a posca paint pen and go back over the stenciled design and fill in spots. You’ll see this technique in the upper left section of the painting.




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